Website security is a make or break for your business. The potential ramifications of poor security can have a lasting impact on your brand and wipe out the time and effort dedicated to building your online presence. Using robust security measures for your website is critical in the prevention of cyber attacks that can be damaging to your business and your customers.

What is SSL?

It is your responsibility to protect customer information by securing your website from cyber threats. A Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encrypts data to safeguard it from interception and is a critical element of your website security. Data that is transmitted between browsers, servers or devices can be accessed by a third party if the necessary security precautions are not taken. Once you have obtained the SSL certificate for your website in Sydney, you will be given a HTTPS address. The ‘S’ stands for security, showing all users that your website provides a more secure platform than the standard HTTP sites.

What could happen?

Your business has a legal and ethical obligation to manage sensitive customer information securely and there can be consequences if you fail to do so. If a third party is able to gain control of your website, they can delete, manipulate and post unsavoury content. If these issues are not resolved quickly it can diminish your credibility and brand perception. These changes won’t go unnoticed by search engines either, your rank is likely to change dramatically and could take up to six months to recover if it’s not managed appropriately.

What needs to be done?

Find a service provider that prioritises security. Large service providers that host too many websites require greater flexibility on their servers. However, with this flexibility comes an increased security risk. At FX Web Studio our servers are very restricted using a robust firewall to secure all data, hosting ONLY our clients and ONLY accessed by our team. We take a proactive approach to website security working to prevent potential cyber attacks and minimise down time in the event of a security breach. FX Web Studio offers free SSL certificates for websites hosted with us that works across most devices. However, clients managing sensitive information are advised to let the team organise the paid SSL certificate to ensure greater security.

Comprehensive web security measures should be taken to avoid a third party taking control of your website and some web companies are better equipped to do so. At FX Web Studio, we prioritise the security of your website to protect your business and your customers. Call us on 1300 090 401 today to organise a free security audit for your website!

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